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Prayer list

Please pray for the following individuals and families.

Prayer requests: 1-26-20
John Poteet – Atria
Fred Dingle - Fighting cancer. Uncle to Terry Tillotson
Charles Butler – cancer treatment
Faye Nicholas – cancer treatment
Marie Thompson – continuing health issues
Nancy Raine – continuing health issues
Pat Burd – cancer
Tamaya Embry – cancer
Al Akridge – cancer treatment
Alan Kern’s mother, Anastasia (rehab)
Kathy Vincent – problems with bone fusion
Lisa Hiner’s mom – continuing health issues
Susan Phelps – UTI
Nada Bryant – back surgery, back home
Courtney Bowling’s aunt – multiple myeloma
Peggy Hawkins sister, Kim Graham– cancer
Al’s aunt – life support
Sam Hughes – health issues
Lisa Hiner – continued good reports on health
Jaime Hardin – tests
Larry Bell – continuing health issues
Alan Kern’s brother in law, Randy – multiple broken bones
Shannon’s sister, Jessica – surgery on 1-13-20
Bob Devary – pain
Rheta Vittitow – cancer
Bobby Dobson – heart issues
Keaton Puckett – hand injury
Linda Noe’s daughter – Christy Murphy heart surgery
Rachelle Walsh – recovery from hand surgery
Susie’s friend suffering from mental illness

Hawkins family
Rev. Bob Howell family (death of his mom)
Anita Sidebottom family
Cox family
Claywell family
Kern family (Cousin Luke lost his wife at age 39)
Skaggs family (David’s aunt)
Margaret MacGregor family
Rooney Gray family

Listening Team
Various ministries of the church
Church leadership
Church staff
Susie Douglas – Job situation
Methodist Children’s Homes
Problem of bullying in our schools and on buses
Trent’s Bible study at LCHS
Those who are hungry
Those who are homeless
United Methodist churches everywhere who are facing change and choices
Ashley Thomas and boys as they relocate to Louisiana

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